Balcony Awning BGM 6

Balcony Awning BGM 6 is the classic sun blind for balconies or smaller seating areas for single-family homes or apartment buildings. This flexible awning for balconies, in the colour of your choice, is a practical sun shade while lending a feeling of cozy outdoor living.

What makes Balcony Awning BGM 6 from Schenker Storen unique

  • Reliable sun shading regardless of the position of the sun
  • Specially designed for balconies or smaller seating areas
  • Wall or ceiling mounting
  • Great value for money
  • Good tensioning of the fabric through hinged arms with internally mounted tension springs
  • Widths of up to 6 metres and projections of up to 2.5 metres are available

Construction highlights

  • Hinged arm made from extruded, powder-coated aluminium
  • Plastic-coated, dual-mounted tension cables for maximum stability and fabric tensioning
  • Flexible inclination of the arms from 0° to 60° for installation on wall, and from 0° to 90° for ceiling mounting
  • Available with a manual or motor drive


  • Available with or without valance
  • Wireless radio controller
  • Electronic sun and wind activated control system
Professional information

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1:1 Drawings of Balcony Awning BGM 6


Tender text for Balcony Awning BGM 6

Balcony Awning BGM 6

Stable articulated-arm awnings with or without a canopy, particularly suited for use on balconies. Can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall.

Consisting of:

Hinged arms

2 hinged arms made from extruded aluminium pipe, joints and fittings from cast aluminium, with the joint bolts made from anti-corrosion steel. Tension springs mounted on the inside, with anti-corrosion steel cables. Hinged arms extend underneath the fabric. Drop angle 0 - 90 degrees

Side consoles

Made from cast aluminium, designed as a combined bearing for attaching the hinged arms and the roller bearing.

Fabric roller

Made from galvanised steel plate, with weatherstrip groove. Roller studs made from UV-resistant plastic, with steel studs for the bearing and gears.

Fabric rod

Made from aluminium, with weatherstrip groove for attaching the fabric. End caps made from UV-resistant plastic.

Surface treatment

All aluminium parts are powder-coated, colours from the Schenker colour range.


On concrete using special dowels.


Choice from our Schenker Storen Collection.


Enclosed bevel gear drive with integrated brake, without end limits. Gears always aluminium colour, not painted, with detachable crank rod made from galvanised steel.

Tubular motor 230V/50Hz, with integrated limit switches and thermal protection, including a 1 m connecting cable. (Blind motors may not be connected in parallel).

The electrical connections must be set up by the customer.

We provide no guarantee for any damage and subsequent damage to blind systems caused by controllers supplied by the customer!

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