Controller System SE 1000

Controller System SE 1000 is a modularly developed and extendable controller system designed to control all of Schenker Storen’s products. It can also automate other drives, such as windows or lights. The control system can be integrated into higher-level systems and also offers the possibility for remote control/remote maintenance. Controller System SE 1000 is used in large properties and developments, but may also be just the thing for some single-family homes.

Complex shading concepts

A simple shading function is no longer sufficient for buildings with greater requirements, usually business and administrative buildings. With the SE 1000 you can implement complex shading concepts, comprehensive protection and blocking functions as well as different priorities. Specific customer requirements that go beyond the standard functions can be freely programmed.

Extendable at any time

The modular design allows the controller system to be extended at any time, and easily integrated into a building management system that operates on a higher-level by means of transfer and receiving signals.

The greatest flexibility

In combination with our KNX components, Controller System SE 1000 offers maximum flexibility. This means that it can be reprogrammed without having to interfere with the hardware.

What makes Controller System SE 1000 from Schenker Storen unique

  • For smaller to large properties
  • The controller can be extended at any time
  • Depending on your requirements or desired level of flexibility, the structure can be constructed using conventional motor control devices or as a KNX bus
  • It is possible to combine different topologies
  • The controller system can be connected to, integrated and monitored in a building management system
  • The blinds are divided into sectors over the 32 or 64 available channels, which are appropriate for automatic shading or according to use, for example

Construction highlights

  • Ethernet TCP/IP communication protocol for open communication
  • Web operation and remote maintenance option through the integrated Web server
  • High modularity through individually expandable module elements
  • Spatial distribution through the remote operation capability of the modules (nodes)
  • Easy integration of open standards such as DALI or EnOcean
  • Evaluation of external signals, such as fire alarm, cleaning


  • All kinds of sensors can also be connected to the controller and assigned to the sectors: additional wind sensors, pyranometer, indoor temperature sensor, humidity sensor, etc.
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