Multi-channel Controller SE 400

With the SE 400 Multi-channel Controller from Schenker Storen, you can control different blind products as well as the windows, light, ventilation and more. The four control channels can be flexibly extended with radio-controlled channels. Multi-channel Controller SE 400 is suited for single-family homes or apartment buildings, smaller office buildings and industrial buildings.

Greater comfort and energy efficiency

Each control channel is individually programmable and can be optimally adapted to your needs. Additional drive groups can be added and individually controlled with the radio-controlled channels.

In addition to brightness, precipitation, wind and temperature, a combined sensor on the roof also detects a GPS signal that determines the exact position of the sun and the building, as well as the time of day. The discrete indoor sensor provides data on the indoor temperature and humidity levels, and allows further individual programming of the system.

The various data is combined to ensure that the building is both optimally shaded and that the blinds are protected against damage by the wind and weather.

Elegant touch screen

All the configurations can be set directly using the elegant, self-explantory touch screen. It is always possible to manually operate the blinds. When in idle mode, the current weather and measurement data are displayed with graphs.

What makes the Multi-channel Controller SE 400 from Schenker Storen unique

  • Multi-channel controller for slat blinds, awnings, fabric blinds, roller blinds, windows, light, ventilation, etc.
  • For single-family homes and apartment buildings, smaller office buildings and industrial buildings
  • Simple, self-explanatory usage and settings
  • The control unit receives all the data for protection against the wind, precipitation and frost, automatic shading, tracking the position of the sun, automatic darkening system and timer programs from a weather station with a GPS reception. These functions ensure the longevity of the blinds, enhanced convenience as well as energy optimisation

Construction highlights

  • 5.7” colour touch screen
  • Combi sensor with GPS reception
  • 4 hardware inputs (external buttons)
  • 10 software buttons
  • 4 individually adjustable control channels for blinds, roller blinds, awnings, etc.
  • Control of blinds with single and double limit switch motors
  • 32 configurable radio interfaces (inputs and outputs)
  • Inputs for additional sensors and contacts as well as for external buttons
  • Connection option and display of 2 cameras
  • 2 multifunctional outputs for devices in other subsections
  • Extensive functions to protect the blinds from wind, rain and frost
  • Extensive comfort functions such as shading, tracking the position of the sun and timer-controlled programs
  • All connected drives and devices can be controlled individually


  • The four wired channels can be extended with additional drives or drive groups by using the radio-controlled channels
  • The unit is operated through a multifunctional touch screen, hand-held radio transmitter or up/down buttons
  • Flush installation or surface-mounted housing
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