Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds ensure optimum light and sun protection. You can choose from a variety of fabrics to suit your own needs. You can darken your bedroom or living room using non-transparent pleated blinds, even on the brightest days. Pleated blinds also create pleasant lighting in the workplace or in glazed conservatories. They are even suited for bathrooms as a form of stylish sight protection. Special textiles suit them for use in wet areas. They are easy to clean, washable and woven so densely that they offer protection from inquisitive eyes day and night. These beautiful sun shades are available in various colours and designs to suit every taste.

What makes pleated blinds from Schenker Storen unique

  • Decorative glare and sight protection
  • Ideal for conservatories, living rooms and bathrooms
  • For windows with special shapes
  • Enable optimal darkening

Construction highlights

  • Free-hanging pleated blind installation with a pleat depth of 20 mm
  • Side-mounted gearbox with chain operation for continuous raising and lowering
  • Chain outlet to the front
  • Profile made from extruded aluminium, standard colours anodised silver, powder-coated white or anodised dark brown
  • Pull cord colour matched to the drop
  • Ceiling and wall mounting with tension lever support


  • Chain / handle / pull cord operation or with an electrical drive (only with freely suspended pleated curtain, 24V or 12V battery-operated wireless drive).
Professional information

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