Radio Controller SE 60

Radio Controller SE 60 is suited for slat blinds and fabric blinds. It impresses with its modern technology as well as the elegant look of the hand-held radio transmitter. Blinds can be protected and automatically operated with the additional sensors. The radio amplifier extends the range of reception and consequently the range of Radio Controller SE 60.

What makes Radio Controller SE 60 from Schenker Storen unique

  • Simple radio controller for slat blinds and fabric blinds
  • This elegant hand-held transmitter can operate individual blinds or groups
  • With the concealed button interface, conventional buttons for blinds can be used as wireless wall-mounted transmitters
  • By using one or more repeaters, the radio signal can be spread over several floors or in another part of the building

Construction highlights

  • Radio receiver board for the motor supply cable
  • Repeaters that display the quality of the reception for optimal positioning
  • Shading position for slat blinds
  • Radio frequency of 868 MHz


  • Hand-held radio transmitter with wall bracket, wall transmitter for flush mounting
  • The controller can be extended with sensors and is compatible with all transmitters and receivers of our solar drives
Professional information

Selection tool for controllers

Overview of functions

User manual

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