Rollable Blinds

Rollable blinds are like no other design element: depending on the intensity of the incoming light, they can change the whole feel of a room. The rollable blind range from Schenker Storen offers the right product for every window. Rollable blinds meet a wide variety of requirements: high heat radiation levels, darkening, air-conditioning effects and, of course, formal features required, whether for angled skylights or gable windows. Depending on the situation, arched, triangular or trapezoidal installations can be adapted using eyelets or pull cord operation. Conservatories, in particular, can thereby be provided with a uniform design.

What makes rollable blinds from Schenker Storen unique

  • The individual solution for every window situation
  • Ideal for high rooms and restricted niches
  • Many structures, designs and colours to choose from
  • Easy-care, wipe-clean fabrics
  • From transparent to light, and sight impermeable
  • Simple, near silent operation

Construction highlights

  • Side-pull roller blind with integrated chain pull drive and unroll lock
  • Rotatable chain wheel cover and brake
  • Carrier colour anodised silver or powder-coated white
  • Ceiling and wall mounting with supports. Spacers for larger wall separation.


  • Available with shuttle protection / pelmet
  • Chain / handle/ cord pull operation or by using an electric drive
  • Available with electronic controls on request