Shutters are the classic form of sun and weather protection. Whether you are looking for window shutters, sliding shutters or folding sliding shutters, we can offer you the best quality aluminium shutters. Come and explore the numerous models and the great variety of colours. You can choose from over 3,000 colours, plus a wide variety of wood, stone and metal finishes that look deceptively realistic.

What makes shutters unique

  • Wide selection of models, colours and effects
  • Weatherproof, structurally stable and colourfast
  • Durable and low maintenance
  • Available with electronic controls or solar drive on request

Colours and effects for shutters

Colours and fine structure matt surface

FSM surfaces (FSM = fine structure matt) are available in all RAL, NCS and VSR colours. This means there are more than 3,000 colours to choose from. Folding, sliding and folding sliding shutters are available in all colours with silk gloss surfaces on request.

Potential areas of use

The matt appearance of the FSM surfaces (FSM = fine structure matt) is in keeping with the current trend. Since dirt is unable to adhere to this stable and resistant paint surface, it mean you need not spend as much time cleaning.


Thanks to a patented process, the aluminium surface can be given a wood-effect finish that is nearly impossible to differentiate from the real thing. An extensive range of light to dark tones provides plenty of options for individual design possibilities.