Single-Channel Controller SE 100

Single-Channel Controller SE 100 is an easy-to-use control device featuring an integrated time switch for slat blinds or fabric blinds. It can drive individual motors or motor groups. This control device is suited for single-family homes, shop windows and exhibition rooms, as well as for shading seating areas and winter gardens.

What makes Single-channel Controller SE 100 from Schenker Storen unique:

  • The two SE 100 controllers are suitable for blinds and awnings of any size and model
  • The intensity of the sunlight is measured via the connected sun sensors; the blinds are extended when the preset value is reached
  • The wind sensor ensures that the blinds will be retracted if the wind grows too strong
  • The precipitation sensor protects the blinds from rain and snow

Construction highlights

  • Can be integrated into any standard concealed socket
  • Simple sun on/off function
  • Definable reaction and reset delay times for sun and wind
  • Definable limit values for sun and wind
  • Changeover and step mode function
  • Adjustable motor running times


*Only with SE 100 Touch

  • Illuminated touch display*
  • Evaluation of sun/wind/rain*
  • Integrated time-controlled programs*
  • Automatic changeover between summer and winter time*
  • Automatic lock*

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