Roller Blind s_enn®

In Japanese, "senn" means aesthetics and ease. Roller Blind s_enn® is made from pure stainless steel and fascinates with its transparency and great robustness.

What makes Roller Blind s_enn® from Schenker Storen unique

  • No direct sunlight enters the room from when the sun is at 20°
  • Easy to clean stainless steel if required
  • Very durable
  • Wind stable up to 90 km/h

Construction highlights

  • The form and connection of the stainless steel profiles make the drop stable and means it can be rolled together tightly
  • Available with a manual or motor drive
Professional information

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1:1 Drawings of s_enn® roller blinds

Tender text for s_enn® roller blinds

s_enn® roller blinds

Vertical blind with micro-slat stainless steel drop.

Extruded aluminium, round, Ø 170 mm. Alternative: folded sheet aluminium cover, rectangular approx. 180 x 180 mm.

Extruded aluminium, Ø 80 mm, specially shaped so that the drop is positively locked.

Side bearings
Cast aluminium, with recesses for shaft, drive and cover box.

End rail
Round bottom bar made of extruded aluminium, anodised in stainless steel effect, 
34 x 27 mm, with integral slot for securing the curtain and polyamide sliding guides on both sides.

Frame colours
Aluminium guide rails, 30 x 30 mm, extruded, with integrated plastic guides on both sides. All visible aluminium parts powder-coated. Standard colours: silver (RAL 9006). Option: special colours to RAL. All plastic parts black. Alternative: stainless steel guide rod Ø 15 mm.

Stainless steel drop, A2 inflammable, of horizontally positioned V4A micro-slats 4 x 5 mm (D x H), matt, profile section conforming to the latest energy and lighting standards, attached to supporting straps of the same material at intervals of 150 mm. Curtain weight approx. 4.3 kg/m². The gap of ~23% between the individual V4A micro-slats ensures good visibility to the outside, even when the blind is closed. Medium effective g values (gtot) in conjunction with thermal insulation glazing.

Driven by a tubular motor integrated into the shaft, 230 V/ 50 Hz with limit switch for clockwise and anticlockwise running for exact setting of the run-out length, with connection cable (approx. 1 m long, flexible 4 x 0.72 mm²) and fitted plug coupling, to which the power supply cable is connected on site (through the façade to the outside). SOMFY or similar. Alternatively: electric drive as described, but with integral wireless receiver, incl. hand-held radio transmitter. SOMFY RTS or similar.

Wall, niche or window frame installation.

We provide no guarantee for any damage and subsequent damage to blind systems caused by controllers supplied by the customer!

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