Schenker Storen sunshades are ideal for a range of settings where more than just comfortable shade is desired: from small balcony sunshades to large motorised sunshades where large areas of shade are needed. Robust, but highly elegant designs, as well as quality fabrics in a broad range of colours provide many years of pleasure in the garden. With the right lighting, you can even turn night into day, and with the practical radiant heaters create a summer ambience even when the weather turns chilly.

Rectangular sunshades are a real eye-catcher for terraces and gardens

Rectangular sunshades lend a modern feel to the setting and guarantee reliable sun shading. They are not quite as frivolously pretty as their classic round counterparts and, due to their linear shape, they fit perfectly over square tables and seating areas. While restaurants, hotel, cafés and bars prefer them because they can be set up flush next to each other, rectangular sunshades are not just aesthetically impressive, they are also just as robust and stable as round sunshades. Plus, the choice of colours and fabrics can be combined to suit all tastes.

What makes Schenker sunshades unique

  • Wide selection of round and rectangular sunshades
  • Different versions for balcony, terrace, garden and catering areas
  • Great choice of colours
  • Easy to use
  • Robust cover, optionally made of acrylate-coated, waterproof awning fabric or PVC