Vertical Slat Blinds

Vertical slat blinds from Schenker Storen allow you to alter the amount of light that enters a room and to darken it as desired. The position of the slats always enable view of the outdoors. Their vertical lines make them visually appealing and underscore a modern ambience. They are specially designed to meet the needs of customers through tailor-made shapes, matching materials and designs. Running on rails, the vertical slats master any special architectural feature, from angular gables or arches, through high, angled stairwells up to multi-faceted glass structures.

What makes vertical slat blinds from Schenker Storen unique

  • For large windows and high ceilings
  • Also suitable for windows with special shapes
  • Wide selection of materials, fabrics and patterns
  • Masterful modulation of the light
  • Modern ambience
  • Option for ceiling and wall mounting

Construction highlights

  • Vertical slats made from textile fabrics, plastic or aluminium
  • Dirt-repellent or washable materials also available
  • Top rail made from extruded aluminium in the standard colours of anodised silver or powder-coated white - other colours possible on request
  • Light regulation by turning the slats
  • A pearl chain for opening and closing the blinds and for rotating the slats
  • The drop of the blinds can be installed either as a single unit running to the left or right, or divided to the left and right or centre


  • 3 product variants: slats in 89 mm, 127 mm and 250 mm widths
  • Min. 18 cm to max. 698 cm wide, max. 350 cm high
  • Operated with a crank / chain / pull cord / turn rod or an electric drive
  • Available with an electronic controller on request
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