io-homecontrol® by Somfy

io-homecontrol® is a radio-based “Smart Home” system that can be installed in both old and new buildings. Virtually all of types of blinds can be fitted with a radio reception and controlled with a flexible hand-held or wall-mounted transmitter. With a TaHoma® box add-on, the blinds can be controlled at home, as well as remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

There are lots of ways in which you can add on other compatible devices, sensors and connections to gradually turn your home into a comfortable “Smart Home”.

A drive with an inbuilt radio receiver is installed in the blinds and other versions use an external radio receiver. In both cases, the motor only requires a 230V supply. Fixed wall-mounted transmitters can be used to operate the motor or hand-held transmitters that you can position where you like. The hand-held and wall-mounted transmitters are battery-operated and therefore do not depend on the mains power supply.  You can add a sun or wind sensor on your radio controller for simple automatic functions that change with the weather.


TaHoma® box for Networking

Thanks to the TaHoma® box, it’s not just your blinds that you can control via your smartphone or tablet:  Enter daily schedules and timed programmes in the calendar for both work days and weekends. Define the shading scenes and create an If-Then feature for your comfort. Or when you are on holiday, for example, find out if the blinds are open or shut.

The TaHoma® box is the heart of your home automation and the starting point for your continued build-up of “Smart Home” appliances (lighting, skylights, security or monitoring) – flexible, user-friendly and safe.